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"As an American it is practically impossible to get a Bulgarian visa on your own.  Unless you enjoy slow torture, frustration, expired documents and years of nervousness, I would suggest securing a lawyer and Zachary Tsvetkov is by far the best if not the one and only. Zachary Tsvetkov was an absolute godsend and made the process as enjoyable as possible. He actually is the creator of the most effective path for Americans to get Bulgarian visas effortlessly. Zachary Tsvetkov controls the entire process so you don't have to deal with Bulgarian bureaucracy.  He is worth absolutely every penny. As an American living in Bulgaria, I feel completely confident, safe, secure and protected with Zachary Tsvetkov as my immigration lawyer."

Heather Broadbent

International Violinist

Violin Instructor

“For 7 years Zachary Tsvetkov helped our family navigate the process of securing visas in Bulgaria, up to and including obtaining our long term visas. His experience, expertise and government contacts always came through.”


Jonathan Taylor

“My family lived in Bulgaria for eight years and Zachary Tsvetkov handled most of our legal matters in the country including obtaining visas. He is very knowledgeable and professional!!!”


James Krontz

"I wish I had found Zachary Tsvetkov in the first place!

My first attorney was well intentioned, but there were communication challenges that resulted in me not understanding   I needed a new (second) criminal background summary to apply for my residency permit. The FBI took seventeen weeks to get me the new document and my Type D visa expired before I could apply. While I have accept my share of the responsibility for the misunderstanding, my previous attorney had no solution for this but to tell me I needed to leave the country and make two expensive trips back to the U.S. to start the entire process over.  Fortunately for me, another American referred me to Zachary Tsvetkov and he took care of everything without me having leave Bulgaria, or travel to the USA.  Zachary Tsvetkov is the only person I would trust my immigration with, he is a true expert, speaks very good English and communicates well. He is a nice guy and pleasant to deal with too."

Lawrence Neisler

Creative Director & Brand Architect

"If you need a long term visa, wherever you may be from, then Zachary Tsvetkov is the best man for the job.
He knows the ins and outs (mostly the ins) of the system and navigates it seamlessly.
Zachary Tsvetkov is also a very nice guy, straightforward and a pleasure to work with."

Yiftah Niv

"Because each immigration case is unique, it is better to contact Zachary Tsvetkov rather than compare to what it has cost me.  Zachary Tsvetkov practices in Sofia.  I have known him for several years, and I highly recommend him.  He is honest, upfront, prompt, courteous, and most importantly, gets the job done."

Daniel Habermann 

Zachary Tsvetkov

Zachary Tsvetkov

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